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DMV Consultants Nelspruit Inc. specialises in any form of civil and structural engineering and can take any project, big or small, through the various stages required to guarantee a successful and cost effective outcome. Typically this would include inception from feasibility studies, material investigation, surveying, cost estimation and detailed design. Once these preliminary tasks have been dealt with, we can undertake the tasks of preparing contract documents, supervising construction, managing projects and commissioning facilities and equipment.


Although it is practically impossible to list all areas and applications of the wide range of services we provide, the following is an indication of areas and projects we commonly undertake:

Water Related Services:

   •  Development of surface water management and legal aspects thereof
   •  Water treatment, storage and distribution
   •  Well field development
   •  Water reticulation
   •  Regional water supply schemes
   •  Bulk water supply and pump stations
   •  Irrigation schemes and canals
   •  Street and storm water management
   •  Determining of flood lines
   •  Storm water master plans and urban storm water drainage
   •  Flood hydrology analysis
   •  Storm water reticulation
   •  Dam construction, management and safety
   •  Waste water treatment and disposal

Structural and Roads:

   •  Multi storey reinforced concrete constructions
   •  Steel structures
   •  Bridges
   •  Housing development
   •  Roads and mountain passes
   •  Traffic and transportation studies
   •  Pavement management systems
   •  Rehabilitation design for existing pavement
   •  Paving materials
   •  Pavement design for new roads


   •  Development of logistic precincts
   •  Project finance planning
   •  Township services
   •  Laboratory services
   •  Material surveys
   •  Sport and recreational services
   •  Solid waste management
   •  Testing of materials
   •  Project management
   •  Contract administration
   •  Environmental engineering
   •  Geotechnical engineering


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